Visitors Guide to Hampton In Virginia

Virginia is a top state to visit for those who love nature and nature-absorbing activities. Aside from this, Virginia also has a vibrant culture tied up with American History. Visiting the various museums in Hampton, Virginia will let you learn about the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the American’s journey in space. On the other hand, the city of Hampton also has a lot to offer when it comes to recreational and leisure trips. Here are some of the best places to visit and enjoy in the coastal town of Hampton, Virginia.

Important Museums in Hampton

Located in the Old Hampton, the Hampton History Museum presents a chronicle of developments, narratives in American History and culture from the time of the Native Americans to the present. They have ten galleries narrating the stories of men, women, pirates, and explorers that have been working in the Chesapeake Bay and witnessed the significant changes that affected the country and its people.

Along Bernard Road, tourists can go on a walk touring the Fort of Monroe and its Casemate Museum. Formerly an active US military post from 1823 to 2011, the fort was the most massive stone fort in the United States and the site is now under the National Park Service and Fort Monroe Authority. Enthusiasts of the military will enjoy the displays in the museum chronicling the fort’s long History. The Hampton University, a walking distance away from downtown, is home to the oldest African-American museum in the country. The museum’s vast collection takes pride in its series of modern and contemporary art along with thousands of cultural artifacts. Serving as the official visitor center of the NASA Langley Research Center, a lot of the remnants of the United States journey towards space exploration can be viewed in the Virginia Air and Space Center. Aside from exploring the NASA robotics laboratory and the center’s 3D IMAX theater, visitors can also see the NASA space capsules, the Command Module from Apollo 12, and the Lunar Excursion Simulator used by astronauts in training like Neil Armstrong.

Hampton Places for Fun and Exploration

If you are going to Hampton, Virginia for a family visit, a great place to put on the list for your family trip is the Hampton Coliseum where events and concerts are available all year-round. Some popular attractions include Disney on Ice, the Ringling Circus, WWE, Monster Jam, and many more.

Friends and family might also join a three-hour long tour of the bays and harbor while cruising on Miss Hampton II. The ship goes around the Chesapeake Bay while viewing cargo ships and navy forts as well as a picturesque view of the sea and the bayside roads. You can ride the antique horses of the Hampton Carousel inside the Virginia Air and Space Museum which has been preserved from the 1920s. If you are looking for more outdoor fun where there are snack bars, picnic areas, and a variety of live events, you can come and visit the Paradise Ocean Club. They also have an Olympic-sized pool and a full-service restaurant.

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