Skiing is Possibly the Best to Experience in Virginia

In West Virginia, you’ll find numerous places in high elevation. The region has many mountains scattered all around it. All of this makes it an excellent place for a getaway filled with skiing activities. There are many resorts all over where you can either go downhill or cross-country skiing. These resorts aren’t that far from major cities, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

Canaan Valley Resort

If you think about any winter activity at all, then Canaan Valley Resort will be an excellent place for you to do that activity when you want to do it. Many slopes go downhill in the resort, and they have four lifts and almost fifty trails, where you can go snowmaking, night skiing, and snow-tubing. You can get snowshoes and cross-country skis rented, which you can use to explore the trails on the park’s west side. When it’s winter, you’ll be able to visit the outdoor ice rink used for ice skating. There are places to stay in the resort, like cabins, hotels, or a lodge that you can all find in the resort’s area.

Timberline Four Seasons Resort

Nearby the Canaan Valley Resort, you’ll find Timberline Four Seasons Resort. There is an excellent balance of trails for beginners and experts. There is the Salamander trail, which is a long trail that is a recommendation for families, but there is also natural snow where daring skiers can go glade skiing. There are three lifts and more than thirty trails in the resort, where you can go night-skiing and snowmaking. The Timberline resort is an extensive one, where you can find houses, cabins, and condos that you can rent, but you aren’t required to rent a place to enjoy the slopes or views of the resort.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort

The Snowshoe Mountain Resort is a fantastic place to go for skiers of any skill level, and it is somewhere expert skiers go when they want a place with rough terrain. The back-country trails you find in the resort come with double black diamonds. But there are more accessible trails that beginner skiers can go through, or if the skier wants to enjoy skiing at a slow pace. Some trails aren’t too easy or too hard that is excellent for intermediate skiers. There are many accommodations offered at the resort, such as family-sized cabins, rooms in a hotel, or apartments.

Snowshoe Mountain Resort
Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Winterplace Ski Resort

Winterplace is one of the best ski resorts in the southern region of West Virginia, which is aimed at families to enjoy. The resort will be open way past December up until March. All of the trails will always have snowmakers, so you shouldn’t worry about not having enough snow on any of the trails. The trails will always be open to ski through as long as it’s cold enough for the snow to stay stable. There are ten lifts, and there are many trails that range in difficulty, which is perfect for skiers of varying skill levels. There are cabins you can rent in the ski resort, but there are also hotels near the resort that you can get a room in instead.

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