Morgantown is All About Authentic Food

If you’re looking for a culture of food that originates from an attitude of mountain survival, merged with a bit of influence from immigrants who worked in coal mines, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in Morgantown of West Virginia. Here are some of the dishes you’ll only find in Morgantown. You may find a few of the meals outside of Morgantown, but the versions you’ll only find in Morgantown have a unique touch to their flavor and presentation.

Apple Dumplings

If you think of dumplings, a variety of things may come to your mind. If you’re in Morgantown, an apple dumpling is something special that you’ll love. The apple dumpling is like a tiny slice of apple pie. When you bite into it, you’ll find a ton of cinnamon and brown sugar inside of the apple dumpling’s crust. You’ll get a crunch when you take a bite of the flaky crust and sugar. The apple inside is soft and moist, which makes for a pleasant contrast from the crust. People will usually eat an apple dumpling with ice cream, cinnamon sauce, or maybe even both.


Also known as wild onions, ramps can be found in mainstream food culture nowadays. You’ll find ramps in menus in popular cities such as Washington DC and New York City. The ramps have a flavor that is a fantastic mixture of leek, onion, and garlic. The leaves of the ramps are also edible, and they’re like spinach but spicier. The plant is difficult to cultivate, but the altitudes in the surrounding environment in Morgantown are the best for ramps to grow in. The ramps go in season around the beginning of April, which means you might be able to spot someone at the sidewalk with a sign saying “ramps.” The people with signs is where you’ll be able to purchase ramps from if you are looking to buy some. You won’t have a great experience if you eat ramps raw. You’ll be able to find ramps on biscuits or pizzas at the restaurants in Morgantown.


If you are in search of adventurous food, then you should look for morels. The morels are a treasure that you’ll find in the forests around Morgantown. If you want to see these mushrooms, then you’ll find them growing above ground around the last weeks of April. Asking a person that is a morel hunter for where to find morels will be useless since they wouldn’t want to reveal their secret harvesting areas where they go every year for their morels. Also, do not try and pick mushrooms you find out in the wild yourself if you’re a beginner. You won’t know what the difference between a morel and a poisonous mushroom is, which could get you poisoned. The farmers market is where you should go to acquire morels.

Biscuits with Gravy

A staple of the area is a combination of biscuits and gravy. The biscuits and gravy is a combination that the locals consider a meal, so it isn’t something you eat on the side. The biscuits will usually already have the sauce covering them. You’ll find this meal in several places around Morgantown. The locals of Morgantown are fond of their combination of biscuits and gravy.

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