Experience An Adrenaline Spike with Whitewater Rafting in Virginia

There are several opportunities for the adventure fanatic in West Virginia. These range from the usual kayaking or canoeing to other more daring and unusual adventures that are water-based. One of the most popular adventure water sports that people are flocking to the area for is white water rafting. While you may be worried about the safety hazards of white water rafting, it is probably justified. White water rafting is not for the meek. You will require to have at least a basic level of fitness to be able to use your muscles and hold on for deal life when you are powering through the waters. The expeditions are usually led by trained professionals, but they will not be able to sustain your weight if you are unable to paddle through the torrential waters. Always make sure that you are with trusted people on your adventure as when push comes to shove, you might need someone to have your back and fight for you to get back on-board. Here are some of the excellent places you can enjoy a trip down a river in Virginia.

The New River Gorge

Being one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Western Virginia, you will find that the river presents the perfect opportunity for white water rafting. There are other activities that you can indulge in while you are the New River Gorge as well. Adventure sports and outdoor trains are only a tip of the iceberg for thrill-seekers who visit here. The bridge in the area is perfect for some outdoorsy sights and photo ops along with trains for mountain bikers to both relish the views and get their dose of sunshine. While the region is family-friendly, some of the activities such as white water rafting might not be suitable for children.

The Cheat River and Youghiogheny River

Several tour organizers can provide tours and trips for the adventure enthusiast in West Virginia. The Youghiogheny River, otherwise known as the Upper Yough, is perfect for the more advanced adventure seekers. Both these river regions are great for white water rafting experiences, and the tours to the areas cater to it too. There are two levels of rivers that can suit different people. For the more advanced adventurers, the Upper Yough and the Cheat Canyon is the place to be. These two regions have what is known as a Class V rapid that is for those who have advanced levels of fitness and can hold their own when in a dire situation. The narrow region of the cheat river called Cheats Narrow is excellent for kids and for those who are beginners in white water rafting. The rapids in the area are mellow and perfect if you wish to learn the ropes and experience white water rafting for the first time too. Other activities are also available in the region like tubing and fishing for those who wish to indulge. The Cheat Outfitters is a natural reserve about an hour from the famous Morgantown and is a great place to unwind and relax.

Youghiogheny River
Youghiogheny River

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