Catch The Most Beautiful Wildflowers on These Virginia Trails

It doesn’t matter what season it is. You’ll see breathtaking places all over West Virginia. But when it’s already past the middle of spring, you’ll get to see something extraordinary. The springtime of the year is when the snow will be melted, and temperatures will be higher. The best part about this period is that there will be wildflowers all over the mountainsides. When April is almost over, and May is marching on, you can visit amazing places where you’ll get to treat your eyes to beautiful flowers on the wild side all over the state.

Taking on The Wild Side of Flowers

  1. Canaan Valley and Dolly Sods – On top of the plateau of Allegheny Mountain, you’ll be able to experience the amazing outdoors. The state park of Canaan Valley Resort is an excellent place to go to during the spring if you want to look at wildflowers. The state park contains almost twenty miles of trails, so you’ll be able to see a plethora of flowers that you won’t see anywhere else. The climate is colder in the valley than the surrounding areas, so you’ll be able to see all the flowers here than in the areas around the valley. When you’re done looking at the wildflowers, the towns nearby have places where you can partake in a snack or meal. In the area of Dolly Sods and Canaan Valley, you’ll find Blackwater Falls State Park. The state park has a magnificent waterfall, which is worth the trip to see on any day of the year. If you visit when spring is ending, there will be many rhododendrons blooming right on the many trails. In May, there is a pilgrimage where you can take a tour around the entire state park. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of walks and tours, which are all good for families.
  2. Dolly Sods WildernessCanaan Valley has a forest at the edge of it that contains the area of Dolly Sods Wilderness. The area is known for its vast expanse of land where there are almost fifty miles of trails. The best time to look at wildflowers is during the spring. The trails will be slippery with mud, and the weather is unpredictable, which is why you should make sure to prepare with the right clothing and footwear so that you don’t get into any accidents. But even if it’s sunny or not, the views you’ll have of the mountains and forests will be breathtaking.
  3. New River Gorge – If you visit the national river area of the New River Gorge, there are a large number of trails. So you’ll be able to hike or bike on the trails in any month of the year. There is a weekend dedicated to celebrating the wildflowers that grow during the spring. During the said weekend, you’ll be able to visit and go on hikes where you’re guided alongside the river, and you’ll also go through the nearby parks during the guided hike. The events that happen during the weekend are free of charge, and they’re all excellent for families. 
Dolly Sods Wilderness
Dolly Sods Wilderness

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