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A Romantic Vacation in Virginia

Virginia is often hailed as the state reserved “for lovers”, by both locals and visitors alike. With its sweeping vistas and keen ear for country music, it’s not difficult to see why. Perhaps you’re travelling from nearby or maybe you’re coming from further afield – either way, lovers who holiday in Virginia are guaranteed to experience the ultimate romantic getaway. With its passionate, artistic heart and enduring natural beauty, this state is always going to be a winner.

Below, we’ve put together some of the very best reasons for choosing Virginia as your next romantic holiday destination. Whether it’s a special celebration, a honeymoon or simply a well-deserved break that you’re after, this eastern state rarely disappoints.

The Great Outdoors

Wherever you are in the state of Virginia, you’re not far away from some breathtaking outdoor scenery. Whether you and your partner are into hiking through mountains, sunbathing on the beach, wandering through vineyards, or something more extreme, this state has you covered. Just south of Washington D.C. (technically across the border in the District of Colombia), is the Shenandoah National Park. Covering over 800 sq km of land, this park promises a spectacular display of nature’s bounty throughout every season. From the rippling colours of the park’s forests during the fall, to the cool sparkling waters of its waterfalls during a hot summer’s day, this part of the world is simply bursting with natural beauty.

Romantic Virginia
Romantic vacation in Virginia

Heading further south, you come across the coastal city of Virginia Beach. With three distinct beach areas to choose from here, you’ll be spoilt for choice whether you’re making a day of it or staying for longer. Water sports enthusiasts do well at Resort Beach, where sea kayaking, paddle boarding, parasailing and boat tours are encouraged, whereas those craving a quiet stretch of sand on which to while the day away would be better off heading to Sandbridge Beach in the south. Whatever your mood, Virginia Beach knows how to show its visitors a good time and you’ll certainly never be bored or go hungry in this oceanfront town.

Time Out

Despite the fact that holidays are supposed to be relaxing, it can be easy to let yourself get caught up in the hustle and bustle of rushing around experiencing the different sights and sounds of your destination. It’s important to take some time out from being busy, and instead embrace total relaxation. Where better to do this than in your hotel room? This is a private, comfortable space where you can absorb what you’ve done on your vacation so far, spend some quality time with your partner, and simply switch off from everything for a few hours.

If you’ve brought a smartphone or tablet along with you (highly recommended!), then you can use the hotel WiFi to access a whole world of entertainment without even changing out of your pyjamas. You can curl up in bed and binge watch a whole TV series, stretch out in the bath and spin a roulette a few times, or even plan out your schedule for the next day using other travellers’ reviews. This is just as important as cramming in everything on your to-do list and will ensure that, by the end of your holiday, you’re both feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.


Heading Out on the Town

Even whilst you’re away on vacation together, it’s still nice to dress up and go out on a date night every so often. Luckily, Virginia’s cities are crammed full of movie theatres, restaurants, music venues, shopping malls and other attractions where you can treat your partner to the latest blockbuster movie and a slap-up meal, or check out a new band followed by drinks at a swanky bar. For example, if you find yourselves in Morgantown, West Virginia, then you’ll soon realise that you’ve landed in a foodie’s paradise. Local specialities like apply dumplings, ramps, morels, and, of course, biscuits with gravy, are served all over the city to a deliciously high standard. Alternatively, Northern Virginia plays host to the states distilleries, wineries and breweries so whatever your tipple of choice, you can indulge safe in the knowledge that the quality is second to none.

If you’re country music fans (and who isn’t, really?), then you’re in luck. The Crooked Road, a 300 mile trail that stretches from the northwest to the northeast of the state, passes through some of the most important country music locations in the whole of the USA. Although you might not have time to take in the entire thing at once, the length of the road gives you plenty of scope to visit the highlight that’s closest to where you’re staying. Alternatively, go west to Mountain Music Trail, which focuses on the particular strain of country music that champions the banjo and fuses with bluegrass to create a unique and well-loved sound.

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